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The Database of Belgian Shepherds is and always will be a free service for everybody.
This website is based on the software for XOOPS (www.xoops.org) and The Module Pedigree by James Cotton.

The pedigrees in our database are correct to the best of our knowledge. Please keep in mind that this database is a constantly updated and inaccuracies may have occurred.
If you feel that of the data is incorrect, or have proof of different data, please let us know so we can correct the information; you can contact the Webmaster.
We only accept Belgian Shepherds with certified pedigrees FCI and AKC, CKC, Kennel Club UK, etcetera. We reserve the right not to publish a dog with an unofficial pedigree.

Our resources in this database are based on official documentation, registers, health databases, if available, and on printed media and information provided by owners and breeders.

Information about dogs is not copyrighted nor is it private information.
This information is publicly available via national dog registries, catalogs, databases, pedigrees or other paperwork.
Therefore anyone can add a dog or edit the information about a dog including the name, titles, date of birth, etc.
The owner or the breeder of a dog does not have the exclusive right to decide whether the information of his/her dog can be added to a database i and therefore no can object to their dissemination.

Personal data
Each registered user has the right to access and change their personal data.
By "personal data" we mean everything that relates to private life (for example, your name, address, telephone number, etc.). You can ask for it to be corrected or withdrawn from the database by sending an e-mail to the administrator's mailbox.
Notes on the new version of the database
The database version has been updated. However, registered users may not be able to insert photos, parents, litters and other data for dogs that are in the database. In this situation, please insert a comment next to a given dog at the bottom of the page, and the administrator will complete the data.
When inserting a photo it will be helpful to provide a link to the photo.
If there are other problems, please also contact the administrator.

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